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How to Outsource 5 Tasks in Your Business to Save Time & Have More Freedom

Outsource for Entrepreneurs

You might be looking at the headline Top 5 Things to Outsource as an Entrepreneur and thinking it doesn’t apply to you.

That is far from true.

This article applies to anyone with a business, whether online or brick and mortar. 

The information will help any business owner or entrepreneur take control of their time and keep things running smoothly in their business.

In this article, I’ll cover the top 5 things to outsource as an entrepreneur or business owner and how to go about outsourcing them without breaking the bank.

Outsource Copywriting


Copywriting is one of the most important skills to have in any business.

But if you don’t have the skill to write persuasive copy, you should outsource it to someone who does. 

There are many great copywriters you can hire, though most great ones charge thousands of dollars.

If you think of the fee differently though, it makes a difference…

For example, if you pay a copywriter $10,000 for a sales letter or sales page and that sales letter makes you $1,000,000, it’s a no-brainer. The copywriter is worth its weight in gold. 

Get the right copywriter and it will make all the difference in the bottom line of your business. 

The other option is to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to learn copywriting yourself.

Check out my article about the most profitable businesses to start.

Outsource Design

Outsource Design

This includes the design of websites or funnels, the logo, thumbnails, infographics, or any other image design you would need for your business. 

Just like copywriting, it’s a skill that can make you a lot of money in your business…when done right.

You can spend anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars for good design.

If you need something small, like a logo, you can check out Fiverr or Upwork to find a good designer.

However, to have a website or funnel designed right, you need someone who has spent countless hours and money to learn and master the skill of design. 

It can make or break the success your funnels and websites have.

Hire an Ads Manager

I tried my hand at managing ads for a while. It’s harder than it seems and you can lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right. 

It’s worth finding an ads manager, something you can do through asking trusted friends online for recommendations. 

Getting recommendations from others is one of the best ways to find anyone worth hiring that has a skill you need for your business.

Outsource Bookkeeping

Outsource Bookkeeping

This can be one of the most tedious aspects of any business. 

Unless you enjoy spending hours crunching numbers, and most people don’t, then outsource this aspect of the business.

Some people ignore the numbers of their business because they don’t want to deal with it. 

Don’t do that!

Find someone through word of mouth, online or a family member that you trust to manage your books for you. You’ll thank me when you do.

Hand off the Day-to-Day Busy Work

Every business, whether online or offline, has little task that could be given to a virtual assistant to take care of. 

As a business owner, you could free up hours of time by outsourcing the mundane tasks that need to get done, but can be done by someone else.

Checking emails, responding to generic questions, handling invoices or connecting with collaborating companies. 

There are a million little tasks that you as the business owner do not need to keep on your to-do list. 

However, with any outsourcing you do, you will need to be a good team manager for all those you hire for your outsourcing needs. 

FAQ Section

Where do you find people to outsource your work to?

There are marketplaces where you can find someone to hire. 

Fiverr and Upwork are two of the most common. On their platforms, you can see different options to choose from including their qualifications, ratings, examples of their work, etc.

There are other methods to find people for hire on Facebook job boards groups and other social media channels.

However, the best way to find a quality worker to hire for a specific task or skill is to ask around and get a recommendation from someone you trust.

How much does it cost to outsource?

That depends on the person’s experience and results they have gotten for others they have worked for. 

Depending on the task needing to be done, it can be anywhere from $5 to $50,000.

As a disclaimer, you’d have to be making millions before you’d hire someone for $50,000. So don’t panic. 

Most of the tasks needing extensive work will only cost a few thousands dollars. 

For example, you can hire a good copywriter to write a quality sales page for your funnel for around $5,000.

In a Nutshell

You don’t have to do it all. 

There was a gentleman on the Ed Sullivan show decades ago who started spinning plates. And the more plates he spun, the crazier it got. He had to run to keep up.

Check it out here. It’s a fun watch and makes a good point.

But if you don’t have to be, why be that way? 

Let things go and give the tasks to people who are experts with those tasks. 

You’ll have so much more time and so much less stress. 

Who knows? You might even enjoy being an entrepreneur again.

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