My Story: From Failure to Freedom

My name is MJ and this is my blog.

Growing up, I never had what some would call a hard financial life. We always had food on the table and a comfortable roof over our heads. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had my needs met and thank my parents for giving me that.

But then I moved away to go to school and adulthood slapped me in the face. 

I graduated college with two unusable degrees, I had four jobs working 60-65 hours per week and was financially drowning in debt.

After a few years of trying to make ends meet, I finally hit a wall, my limit and I couldn’t keep it up. I needed a new plan or I was going to risk my health. 

I could either keep doing what I was doing, working myself into the ground for someone else. 

…Or I could find a way to work for myself.

I needed to have money work for me instead of me working for money. 

I needed my own business.

So, I did what every aspiring entrepreneur does…I googled it: “how to make money online?”

To my surprise, there were hundreds of ways to make money online. The feelings of overwhelm and excitement filled me and I started searching for something I thought I could do.

Overnight, I adopted the title entrepreneur. It felt good knowing I was going to start my own business. 

Failure at Its Best

When I first started my online journey, I had wild and amazing ideas that I would become a millionaire in a matter of no time. 

My calculator and I became close friends as I kept calculating how much and how long it would take me to ‘make it’.

But that didn’t happen…

A coworker told me of an online business opportunity and I decided to give it a try.

And failed.

I then tried again at another business opportunity, an ecommerce store…

and failed…again!

At this point, I was so disheartened and wanted to quit, but knew I couldn’t. If I were true to myself, I couldn’t walk away from the possibility of having my own business.

And so I kept searching, kept hoping, kept trying.

Then through my research, I stumbled upon a cool way to make this whole “online thing” work. 

I jumped in and gave it my all only to realize that I only had part of the system, not the whole system.

And so, I failed yet again.

At this point, I was desperate.

I thought there was no way out, no way to become successful. But quitting wasn’t an option. It never has been.

Putting the Puzzle Together for Financial Abundance…

Instead, I have spent years and countless hours working putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to make it work.

I made the decision to share my journey and what I’m discovering with others, hoping to help people like you avoid all the detours to success that I’ve had.

So you can cut through all the clutter and take the most direct route to financial abundance.

I truly believe anyone can be successful. It just takes the right mindset, the right tools and information, and the determination to never quit.

Come with me on my journey. It will change your life.

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